The things I use

I miss Bagcheck, but is fun too.

This site is built using Eleventy and Gulp. Anything else you want to know about it, you can probably find in the source code.


Mississippi Barbell, onsite and remote available
Knee sleeves
Adidas Power Perfect 3
Wrist straps and wraps
Onyx Straps


VS Code, but I keep Sublime Text around to help edit huge text files.
Editor Themes
I rotate a few themes, no real schedule or rationale other than sometimes I get bored: Night Owl, Outrun, and Community Material Theme (specifically Darker High Contrast).
Windows Terminal
GitKraken: I've used several GUIs over the years, but GitKraken is thus far the one that makes the most sense to me. I am a sucker for the command line, but I need to see Git.
Windows PowerToys: If you ever played with PowerToys on Windows 95, I don't need to explain this. If you aren't, do yourself a favor and at least read the project's readme. I've had it installed for a few days as of writing this, and FancyZones and Run alone make it worth the download.
FiraCode monospace font: I am always—always—looking for new monospace fonts. Some people collect stamps, apparently I collect digital monospace fonts. Tell me about your favorite.


Logitech MX Vertical: I tried a cheaper vertical mouse to test whether it helped with wrist pain, upgrading to this mouse afterward. Whatever the brand, if you've got wrist or elbow pain from your desk work lifestyle, I highly recommend a vertical mouse.
Microsoft Sculp: Alongside the cheaper vertical mouse, this keyboard was also part of my first ergo experiment. I have plans to upgrade, but I don't have an urgent need. This keyboard works really well, and it was under $100.