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Media attributes and you(r network requests)

Who doesn't love falling down rabbit hole while checking their assumptions about CSS and network requests? Add in some research, and you've got yourself a blog post goin'.


A Year's Worth of Movies

I watch a lot of movies. This year, I decided to track just how many. And as a special bonus, I have opinions about my favorites. You're welcome.

Eleventy and Craft

I love Eleventy, and I love it even more when I can split code from content.


John Wick's (tenuous) Connection to Constantine

I am a big fan of the John Wick movies. I'm also a big fan of Constantine. There were far too many similarly-shaped puzzle pieces not to try and put them together. I will not apologize for any of this.



After installing HTTPS Everywhere, I realized a local newspaper wasn't using HTTPS, so I decided to look into other popular local papers. Nothing surprising, but the use of HTTPS locally is depressing nonetheless.