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Weeknotes #1: An open love letter to DinosaurJS and Stoner Metal

I love dinosaurs. I love JavaScript. I love stoner metal. I hope you do, too. But if not, that's ok.

This past week, I made my (now annual?) pilgrimage to Denver, CO, for DinosaurJS, and it did not disappoint.

The depth of the speaker lineup is real, but I did have some favorites:

A few overall reasons why I love DinosaurJS so much:

I missed the workshops this year, because I wanted to be home for my dad's birthday. I know I missed out, but seeing my dad that day was more than worth it.

Later on, I caught this week's show at CS's, which just so happened to feature my friends in Royal Thunder, along with their tourmates, Dead Now. I love both bands so much, and it was great to catch up a little with the RT crew.

While there, a friend told me about another band that I have barely been able to stop listening to: Forming the Void.

Meanwhile, I've been reading a few things, too, that I think are share-worthy: